It was time for a change. (Taken with instagram)

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@JoJojb & Yvette :) (Taken with instagram)

She’s so lucky, she’s a star.. (Taken with instagram)

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The only way I can post… I can’t get into my account to deactivate :( (Taken with instagram)

Found my @jonasbrothers 3D concert experience movie glasses from the El Capitan  (Taken with instagram)

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My best friends… @thatkidmarco & Gerardo ξ€’ (Taken with instagram)

Baby it’s cold outside (Taken with instagram)

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Anonymous asked "Msg me on Yahoo Messenger right now my SN is wilsonneslerDD121377"

No thanks

My lock screen… My absolute favorite pic from homecoming

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Things are going so great right now

I have the guy I love, I have amazing friends, I have my best friend that I lost for a while back, I have a tight ass Halloween costume w/ my FAC girls, I have a spot on the Torrance Cultural Arts Youth Council (yeah, it’s kinda a big deal to me)… I’m just really happy. Like really happy and nobody can take my happiness away…. FUCK BITCHE$, GET MONEY :)

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